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There is no such thing as customer satisfaction

My husband and I recently sat next to a person on a flight to Chicago who turned out to be a powerhouse is his industry. I don’t know about you, but when you meet a fellow business owner, no matter the business, you instantly share a knowing glance, a common sigh, but also a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that you started from nothing and have now made it into “something.”

You wouldn’t trade it for the world, but business ownership also comes with a price. You are “on” 24/7 and you are responsible for everything. But in return, you are given autonomy and the ability to spread your wings and try new things. And THAT, is awesome!

Customer Delight vs Satisfaction

But back to our friend on the airplane. We were speaking about customer service. He said, “There is no such things as customer satisfaction, only customer delight!” 

He went on to say something that we all know, but sometimes do not stop to remember.

Business is all about relationships.

Building strong relationships with your customers is key to having a successful business. Try as you may to wow your customers/clients, sometimes we fail to accomplish that goal. We are all human. However, when strong relationships are already in place, your customer/client is more apt to be more understanding when something goes a little awry.

Key to successful business are strong relationships.

Create customer delight:

  1. Get to know your customers on a more personal level.
  2. Remember the “little things.”
  3. Make their experience special.
  4. Remember “what’s in it for me?” (the customer”)
  5. Always think of ways to wow your customers!
  6. Thank your customers and show them you appreciate them. They could easily seek service elsewhere.
  7. Be honest with your customers, allowing some vulnerability, which lets them know you are not perfect, but are trying hard.
  8. Only hire team members who want to wow your customers.

So who’s in it to win it? We know you are! Let’s get out there and delight our customers!