Can Eating the Wrong Foods Cause You Pain?

eating_wrong_02There are only two ways to eat—the right way and the wrong way! So you are either eating the right kinds of foods in the right amounts or you are not doing that. Do you know for sure that you are eating the right kinds of foods in the right amounts? If you answered “no”, you are not alone.

We recently received an email from a reader who applauded us for taking nutrition seriously and writing newsletters that discussed how nutrition can affect overall health. She then went on to say that she finds that she follows very strict guidelines when eating and that she looks great on the outside, but inside she is suffering from terrible daily pain all over her body! She went on to say that people could not believe she was in daily pain because “she looks so good on the outside.”

Obviously, this reader has something going on! Either she thinks that what she is eating is “healthy” for her body and in reality it is not; or she has some other type of problem going on, that warrants a consultation with a skilled Prolotherapy physician who also practices natural medicine.

We developed Hauser Diet Typing as an objective testing method that allows us to determine which diet or food choices are indeed best for you to obtain optimal energy. Early on in our practice, we found that some of our Prolotherapy patients were not healing like we expected them to heal. We found out that these patients’ diets were not appropriate for their specific body types. Hauser Diet Typing helps a person reach his or her physical potential. The goal of Diet Typing is to find the foods that will give you the most energy to help you heal soft tissue injuries, as well as perform all the things your body needs to do. Your body functions best when its energy reserves are the highest. Basically, more energy = more health.

eating_wrong_01If you eat the wrong foods you will not feel well. To have optimum energy and for a person to reach his optimal physical potential, it is necessary that the body extract the maximum amount of energy from the food they eat. Imagine a lion eating like a giraffe and vice versa. A lion is a carnivore and a giraffe is a vegetarian. Each animal must eat a certain kind of diet to be healthy and strong. Thus we divided the Hauser Diets into five different types varying in amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

If you are not healing from Prolotherapy and you are confident that you are receiving an adequate number of shots in the appropriate places by a qualified Prolotherapy physician, Diet Typing may be the ticket to jump starting your immune system so that you can properly heal. Obviously, once you get Diet Typing, it’s up to YOU to eat the right way! We can’t do that for you! If you are interested in more information on Diet Typing or becoming a patient, give us a call!