Diet Types and Sports

The Hauser Diet Will Help Maximize Sports Performance: How Carbo Loading May Be the Worst Thing For YOU!

The Hauser Diet consists of five individual animal Diet Types differing in the amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat, depending on the results a testing procedure we call Diet Typing. The testing consists of glucose tolerance testing, blood pH, and sometimes allergy profiles and insulin levels. Your actual blood is checked with standardized laboratory testing methods. This is no quiz, no one-diet-fits-all, it is developed based your individualized blood testing results.

We have developed five Hauser Diets, appropriately named according to how real animals eat. In other words, Lions consume primarily meat (carnivores); where Giraffes consume primarily vegetables (vegetarians). Hence we developed the Hauser Lion, Otter, Bear, Monkey, and Giraffe Diet Types.

We have found that athletes fall into these same five categories.

  1. Hauser Lion Diet Type: Those people who thrive on a high protein, higher fat, low carbohydrate diet.
  2. Hauser Otter Diet Type: Those people who thrive on a modified high protein diet, with some good carbs mixed in.
  3. Hauser Bear Diet Type: Those people who thrive on a balanced diet.
  4. Hauser Monkey Diet Type: Those people who thrive on a moderately low fat, lower protein diet.
  5. Hauser Giraffe Diet Type: Those people who thrive on a very low fat, vegan diet.

Figuring out whether you should eat like an Otter or a Monkey or somewhere in the middle is key to enhancing your athletic performance. If your Diet Typing results indicate that your body does best with protein, then why would you feed your body loads and loads of carbohydrates prior to a race? It’s a good question, isn’t it? Most do it because that is what the sports literature and trainers say to do. You’ll store glycogen and consequently have enough energy to get through your event. This is not necessarily the case if you are a Hauser Otter or Lion!

Protein and fat stay in the system longer, producing satiety. I am sure you have noticed that if you eat a very low fat carb meal, you feel hungry in a matter of hours. Foods such as grains, fruits, breads, and pasta are too quickly metabolized by the Lion/Otter athletes. Meals containing protein and fat, such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and nuts have more staying power. For the Lion/Otter athletes, this means no bonking, no cramping, and no crawling to the finish line! You need protein and fat to keep you going that 26.2 miles til the end of the marathon!

But…remember, there is no one diet for everyone. If you test out to the other end of the Hauser Diet spectrum, you’ll find that carbohydrates are the foods that give you energy. Your body functions well on whole grains, vegetables, and some fruits. The protein containing foods listed above may actually make you feel sluggish, constipated, and lethargic. Your body functions best on those complex carbohydrate foods mentioned above.

Having treated numerous athletes, as well as ourselves, the effects that food can have on athletic performance is huge! Find out what foods your athletic body requires to keep it in tip top physical shape – before, during, and after your events! So before you start packing your fanny pack with jelly beans and bananas, think again. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or sunflower seeds might be a better choice for you!