Why Sorridi?

Sorridi means “smile” in Italian.  Italian things make me smile – maybe it’s the culture, the people, the food, or even the wine? Whatever it is, I find myself smiling and I have a passion for all things Italian – the food, the wine, the language, the music, the people, the land. Having the opportunity to travel to Italy for a number of bicycling trips where I was able to experience Italy for myself, that love has grown even deeper.

I grew up listening to oldies music from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, thus I was drawn to a new young Italian crooner – Patrizio Buane. One of his songs is entitled Sorridi. Check it out on YouTube! The song is about how life sometimes does not deal you events and circumstances that you desire, some of which are even terrible. But the basic concept is that smiling can help to make everything turn out right. That may seem simplistic, but you can never underestimate the power of a smile. I find that you can transform someone’s day from bad to good – just by providing a smile.

The song Sorridi in combination with my faith in God, and the power of great friendships old and new has allowed me to work through difficult life situations with joy and passion. I can truly say that life has been an unbelievably awesome experience – not without tears and sadness, but a beautiful journey of God’s peace, new friendships, stronger old friendships, and the ability to learn and grow beyond what seemed possible.

This is what I want to help bring to those who wish to work with Sorridi Business Consulting. I want to help put a smile on your face after we work on your business together. I want to help you be even more successful than you already are.