Positive People – don’t you love them?

Having worked now for 20 years in the medical and business field, I have come across many types of people. I have had to hire and fire people. Whether looking for a new team member for our office or just talking to someone new, I like to find out who they are as a person. People are very amazing creatures. I find it very interesting to talk to new people on any level. Here are some things that I find that I like to see—therefore I try to emulate these qualities in myself.

Honesty, integrity, realness, individuality, someone with a passion, sense of humor, ability to not take oneself so seriously, respectful of others, driven, spiritual, positive outlook, friendly, forthright, athletic, loves to have fun…

Isn’t it true that when you hang around positive people you feel more positive yourself? And vice versa, when you are around negative people, you have a hard time keeping a smile on your face.