About Sorridi Business Consulting

Life is most definitely a journey. You never know where it will take you. I have been blessed with being given the opportunity to work in the field of hospital dietetics and dietetic internship programs for ten years, followed by 17 years in the field of private practice medicine. I took a very small medical clinic and helped put it on the map to where it is now a world-reknown Prolotherapy (www.caringmedical.com) clinic where patients come from all over the world to receive life-changing injection treatments.

How did we accomplish this?
First of all, one must provide awesome service. I helped develop systems and protocols that streamlined the procedures provided at Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. Secondly, I helped the management team get the right team members into the right positions. Thirdly, I helped write and publish a number of books on the topic of Prolotherapy, Nutrition, and Sports. These books were best sellers and helped put the technique of Prolotherapy and the clinic on the map. Dr. Ross Hauser and I both went on the TV and radio circuit promoting the books and the clinic. And last but not least, I spearheaded the Caring Medical web presence including many different websites, social media pages, YouTube, and e-newsletters and blogs.

I want to help you accomplish your goals and dreams!

Growing a business can be amazingly rewarding but amazingly challenging as well. I want to help you grow your business. Anyone can succeed with good direction, wise decisions, hard work, passion, and a lot of prayer!